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Plan d'accès de VALPIZZA

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rue plaine


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En remontant la vallée après l'office de tourisme de Lanslevillard la rue sur la gauche à côté du tabac souvenir.

En descendant la vallée après l'hotel restaurant étoile des neiges 1ere rue à droite à côté du tabac souvenir

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Good morning,

We are working with Sial Org France and we would like to show and expose your products to the Importers and Distributors and to include your company in our International Trade Buyers
Magazine-Supermarket Today- by some Adverts in order to inform the buyers and to support your sales in the following issues:

-Aug-Sept issue 2018:Special SIAL exhibition France-7200 exhibitors,170 000 traders.

Copy date 30 July

-Oct-Nov issue 2018: Focus on bio,packaging+preview exhibition like:BioFach ...

Copy date 10 Oct

-Jan-Feb issue 2019:Fresh,frozen;Fine foods+Food exhibitions like:Gulfood...

Copy date 10 Jan

-April-May issue 2019:Focus on Private Label- PLMA exhibition

Copy date 10 April

-Aug-Sept issue 2019:Focus on Anuga Germany Exhibition

Copy date 30 July

-We will distribute the magazine:

.Supermarkets Buyers

.Distributors:(Food Service,Catering,Restaurants,Cash&Carry...)



.Food Industry

--Many companies have already booked their adverts like:Gourmand(Belgium);Pink Lady apple(France);Cape Herb(South Africa)...

-Distribution:17500: Germany,France,UK,Italy,Spain,Holland,Belgium,Switzerland,Scandinavia,East Europe,Middle -East,USA...

-So the price is:01 page=£2900;1/2page=£1750;1/4 page=900 English Pounds / Per Issue.
02 issues=10% discount;03 issues=15%discount;04 issues=20% discount.

---Banner in our Web is 650 pounds-per month

- The Payment is after publication.

-Please reply to me in order to book your position.

Best regards

K. Ben

Tel:+ 44 207 610 91 51

Web page:
Ashley Pettit
  • 2. Ashley Pettit | 16/05/2016
Hi Mate

Just checking to see if you check your emails and web inquiries. I hope you and the family are well.

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